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19/01/2019 1607 views

Located at Phan Thiet Port, Port Coffee impresses people with wide and airy space, with two different spaces. One is the outside courtyard is decorated with tables and chairs along the sea view, creating a feeling of blending with nature with whispering waves. The second is the indoor space with luxurious air-conditioned room that opens up a "virtual living" space for you. Especially, Port Coffee has an extremely clean and safe children's entertainment area. Moreover, this is the only place in Phan Thiet city with the view of Tourist Harbor, where the intersection of Ca Ty river and Phan Thiet beach is located.

Referring to Coffee Port, it is impossible not to mention the taste of dishes and drinks here. The dishes, drinks are meticulously processed, clean and beautifully decorated by a team of professional chefs, affordable prices, will definitely give you a nutritious and delicious breakfast, to start the new day full of energy and great.

In addition, Port Coffee also provides other services such as booking conference rooms, Ship drinks at the place, and not forgetting Thailand's ice cream and candy ice cream shops to serve small angels.

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