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Port Introduction

21/01/2019 3505 views
The main commercial port was put into operation in February 2018 with two areas: transporting goods and catering services (Port Coffee)
With a convenient location: Located near the gateway of international maritime routes and right in the center of Binh Thuan province's industrial service area, staff and employees are enthusiastic and capable, facilities and infrastructure are constantly improving Good and synchronous, we believe that will bring customers the best service value.

Capacity to catch ships

Transport ships (passengers, goods) from the shore to Phan Thiet-Phu Quy island, cargo ships with a tonnage of 1,000DWT.             


5,3 ha

Loading capacity                        

2,000 tons / day

Berth length                                  

91,6 m and 7 anchor cylinder

Berth width                               

Ben shore

Floor load                             


High ground level                                


High altitude before berth                           


• Wharf system with the ability to receive marine vehicles with a capacity of 1,000 DWT.

• Closed and open warehouse items for storage and storage of goods.

• The yard system has a load capacity of> 20 tons / m2.

• Corporate office area and office area for contractors / contractors to work at Phan Thiet transport port.

• System of 3-phase substations with a total capacity of up to 400 KVA.

• Clean water supply system for living and production.

• Fire protection and lightning protection system.

• Communication system and security control system by Camera.

• Other auxiliary systems.



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